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Power of Attorney

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Guidelines For Power of Attorney

    A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows a person ("donor") to appoint another person ("attorney") to act on his behalf and in his name on matters specified in the Power of Attorney.

    • You need a Power of Attorney if you are unable to attend personally to matters relating to the buying or selling of an HDB resale flat.
    • You are advised to consult a private solicitor to prepare the Power of Attorney.

    • Your solicitor has to prepare the Power of Attorney in accordance with HDB's approved standard format.
    • The approved Power of Attorney has to be signed by you in the presence of your solicitor. If you are already overseas, you have to sign the Power of Attorney in the presence of a Notary Public, Singapore High Commission or Singapore Ambassador in the country of your stay.
    • Your solicitor has to register the signed Power of Attorney with the High Court Registry.
    • Once the Power of Attorney has been registered, you have to submit a Letter of Confirmation from your solicitor to certify that your solicitor has used HDB's approved standard format, and any of the following documents, to HDB's Resale Officer together with the Application Form for the sale/purchase of the HDB resale flat:
          i) original Power of Attorney + 1 photocopy or

          ii) certified true copy from the High Court + 1 photocopy or

          iii) 2 certified true copies of the Power of Attorney by an Advocate and Solicitor or

          iv) certified true copy by an Advocate and Solicitor together with the computer print out with the High Court seal where Power of Attorney has been registered via the Electronic Filing System .

    • If you are going overseas, you are advised to obtain the Power of Attorney before you leave the country.
    • The Power of Attorney cannot be used for the signing of the Application Form, Statutory Declarations, and/or any undertakings. These documents must be signed by the applicants personally.
    • The original Power of Attorney and the certified true copy of the Power of Attorney from the High Court (lodged and registered manually) will be returned to the Attorney subsequently. However certified true copies of the Power of Attorney by the solicitors will be retained by HDB.

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