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33 Conditions of Sale 1999

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For personal reference only. 
In Singapore, most sales and purchase (S&P) agreements usually incorporate by reference the Singapore Law Society's Conditions of Sale 1999.
There are 33 condtions. These conditions are not compulsory but most agreements have reference to them especially those made compulsory by Law under the Comptroller of Housing to be used by Licensed Developers under Cap 130.
Special conditions agreed between buyers and sellers shall prevail and override these conditions.
The 33 conditions covers the following arrangements:
1)   Biddings
2)   Deposit
3)   Documents of Title
4)   Requisitions
5)   Vendor's Power of Recission
6)   Outgoings, Rents and Profits until Completion
7)   Tax
8)   Late Completion Interest
9)   State of Property as to Repair, etc
10) Production of Documents
11) Misdescription
12) Demands of Government Departments or Local 
       or Statutory Authorities
13) Identity
14) Costs of Resurvey
15) Improvement Schemes
16) Deed or Document executed by Corporation,
       Company or Society
19) Outstanding Legal Estate
20) Unregistered and Unstamped Documents
21) Inspection of Statutory Land Grants or Leases
22) Apportionment of rent between Lots
23) Fire and Other Insurance
24) Conveyance
25) Covenants for Title by Fiduciary
26) Plan on Conveyance
27) Indemnity to Vendor against Continuing Liability
28) Custody of Documents of Title
29) Notice to Complete
30) Sale in Lots
31) Interpretation
32) Headings
33) Special Conditions. 
The 33 Law Society's Condtions of Sale 1994  were launched by the Council of the Law Society on 1 July 1994 and subsequently amended in 1999. Copies of these 33 conditions are available at the Law Society Office. 
Though these 33 arrangements (known as The Singapore Law Society's Condtions of Sale 1999 ) are used or quoted as reference in almost all of the Sales and Purchase Agreements in Singapore and meant generally for "public use", particularily in real estate practice, they are hardly available anywhere - not even on the web! Some lawyers claim that these are copy right materials though copies printed by the Law Society here show no indication of it. Anyway, please ask  permission before making copies for distribution use!

33 conditions 1999

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