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Case Studies

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Actually, I have already closed down this website. Due to requests from property colleagues who find it useful, this site is reactivated. But I will not be spending time updating. Do verify facts / data yourself, especially with URA, HDB and CEA.

Council for Estate Agencies

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 Welcome to Arhlim’s website!


This web site lists the various real estate checklists, tools, news and court cases and is done as a communal service to the real estate industry in general and property agents in particular. However, no update, verification or endorsement on our part is implied and no liability or responsibility is owed by us, associates, and the like, to visitors, readers and/or prospective investors. It is good only as casual reference. If you wish to use any of the tools and/or checklist here, please double check with the relevant authority for latest update and/or amendments.

This website is not meant for property experts or for very arrogant individuals. It is more for new comers to the real estate industry and for those who are responsible and want to do a better job. We welcome contributions from real estate eagles! Come and share with us your experience.


Laws, Acts and Regulations governing the real estate industry are set by Government. It is important to adhere to them at all times. It is not easy to interpret legal jargons as a layman. Attempt at interpreting them briefly may cause confusion or worst create misrepresentation or wrong interpretation. Similarly, important guidelines and circulars from the authorities are best left alone and not to be altered or edited for the sake of being seen as "original work".


Some information provided here are of such nature. As such, they are reproduced here in its original form for immediate use and for correctness and “safety” of our readers - not an attempt at plagiarism or deliberate infringement of copyright material lah!  So please forgive my poor command in English and my being unprofessional in this art.  Please be patient until I find the right person to do the job for you.


When buying or selling property, always remember that no matter how experienced we are, we are not buying or selling clothing or shoes. Never just rely on memory. Never assume. Drop your EGO even if you are considered as an EXPERT. Always verify facts. The consequences are serious if we failed to do so, especially for those who advertise themselves as “specialists”, “consultants” or carry heavy titles. Your responsibilities are heavy and it is not easy to “defend” serious mistake made.

Taking courses, passing exams, closing many cases and even getting accreditation are laudable.  In reality it will not help to prevent agents (especially the new ones) from getting into legal problems! Are you still relying on your experience and memory alone? We may not remember what happened a minute ago let alone remember hundreds and thousands of rules and requirements? Do not take the risk.

I believe it is important to have a fundamental system of checking. Go through a comprehensive checklist with your sellers and buyers and verify immediately with the relevant authority if material facts are ringing in your ears. Though it is not fool proof, it will certainly minimise problem and help you do a better job. 

Again, why must we use a checklists? For quick reference to all tricky problems! No time to waste! When you are already on the job, like flying a plane, you have no time to refer to books or relying on your memory, you can't afford to make wrong decision. In the aviation industry, every plane carries  "Checklists" for emergency use.

Even if you had taken an examination for any subject and passed with 95 marks and scored with distinctions, any one of the 5 questions that you have failed can lead you to litigation! So what if you had handled many cases and made a million? For an oversight or slip of memory, you can be sued till bankruptcy!  If you are in the real estate industry for long, you will know that at least 7 out of 10 agents had got themselves into legal problem! No point to run and hide or change company.


Even solicitors can get into problems. Not that they are not good. They just missed some important information. So how to solve such problems? Go through my checklists and help me improve on it! Share it with your colleagues and they will teach you more.

After more than 2 decades in the industry I am retired.  Spending my time singing at KTV and at home! Love cooking though! My children dont like local food! Thought of becoming a cook to learn some signature western cusine!  Let me know if there is any famous chef or European restaurant willing to take me in as assistant!

As for real estate, I can only share with you the tools that I have been using all along. Almost everything in one sheet of paper. No need to refer to books or ask everybody! The checklist is my "Walking Dictionary". Free, come and drink coffee with me!

Warning!!! There is serious mistake deliberately made in the checklist to ensure that you verify and update all items before using it! So I am not responsible for your lazines and mistake. Take it as a TEST lah! (Pardon my Singlish!) See if your colleague's problem could have been avoided if he had used such a checklist!

Always verify Property Ownership, if not buyers and agents will get cheated! For legal queries, visit the linked legal website to Ian Chang. It certainly helps.

My email address:

Verify! If Accredition to university is not verified, students get cheated!

Verify! If Banks neglect to verify, Banks will get cheated - and 7 financial institutions were cheated for 14 years!

Tightening Property Agents

Court's Recent Judgement

At last! HDB has come up with its own Resale Checklist to help agents! Will it be as comprehensive as the one I have been using and advocating for the last ten years? Will only know on 1st May 2008.
It is time that IEA or other Agents governing body design one for agents handling private properties.

HDB Resale Checklist for Housing Agents

EnBloc Site

Approved Forms for use under The Land Titles (Strata) Regulations

Guide from OCBC for buying pte property

Click here to see all the Laws and Acts in Singapore