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Due to popular request, we are providing a Free 1-day (total 5 hours) Property Workshop for foreigners in Singapore.
Why free? Partly indebtedness! If foreigners (like this website provider - TRIPOD) can provide me, a foreigner, such a fantastic free service for such a long period , what is this that I cannot do in return? Besides, it will certainly also benefit the business of my team in the long run. Our sponsors share the same sentiment.
Our objective is to educate foreigners and help them understand the basic laws, the common arrangements and procedures for property transaction in Singapore. The Laws here strongly protects property buyers.
Participants will not only understand the basic Residential Property Act regarding foreign ownership, Housing Developers (Control & Licensing Act)  that governs the transaction of properties by developers (Primary Market) and The Law Society Conditions of Sale that is extensively adopted for sale and purchase of private properties in the secondary (resale) market, participants will also learn how to avaoid the same costly mistakes that lead others to litigation.
Topics will cover:
1) The Residential Property Act (Foreign Ownership)
2) The Housing Developers (Control & Licensing Act)
3) Conveyancing And Law of Property Act (Cap 61)
4) The Law Society of Singapore Conditions of Sale.
5) Option to Purchase (for secondary market)
6) Standard Option to Purchase (Developers Properties)
7) Payment Schemes
8) Liabilities, forfeitures, damages and recourse.
9) How to qualify sellers and buyers.
10) Price and project comparision analysis.
11) Loan Financing and estimate.
12) Free Property Tour (when available)
13) Troubleshoot Checklists.
Upon completion of the workshop participants will receive a Certificate. Anyone above age 18 can attend.
The provision of Troubleshoot Checklists is an added monitoring system for use not available elsewhere. It will help to caution the user and recap impportant legal issues at a glance and provide quick reference for necessary actions to be taken or avoid.
If available, a property tour for participants to view some of the latest projects (local or foreign) will be included. Free air-con coach and free lunch will be provided for local tour! Those who wish to buy any property will be given special pakage discount.
Those who qualify to become our Business Development Associates will be rewarded for referring clients to participating agents if their clients eventually purchased or sold any property through the same participating agent.

The legal aspect of the training will normally be handled by a lawyer or representative from the law firm. He / She is willing to answer any other legal issues at the workshop.
Subject to final confirmation and depending on the response and availability of lecturers, four different reputable law corporations had agreed in-principal to participate and give FREE talk on the legal topics.

So, dear foreign friends, if you are interested to host such a FREE workshop to benefit members of your community, please call me at
909 373 99
to make arrangement.
Workshop can be conducted at your embassy's premises, at your community centre or at any of your committee club.
To the Staff of various Embassies
Thanks for taking your precious time to attend my workshop on 28 Mar 2009 at HDB  Hub.  Keep in touch!

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