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Case Studies

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Relax! Laugh it out here!

Too much problems! Release your stress!

Laugter is the best medicine!

Like singing? Get entertained by these silly croners!

Don't buy this hunted house! Don't view this if you have heart problem or if you are pregnent.

Magic! They can read your mind!

1) Comedy RKHouse   No   Pok   Nopok NoPok!


2) Kopitiam prank


3) Negarakuku - NOTICE: This music video is created by Namewee


funny Singapore man


Maze Game. Really difficult! Children can do it. Can you?

Warning! Very stressfull. Not for pregnant woman or old people.

Test your patient! Enter and click the yellow button twice.


HOKKIEN Titanic AngMo Aquah



Osama Speaking Hokkien


Ong Lai $1.70 (hokkien)


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