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Case Studies

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Videos (Interviews & Revealation)of people who had encounter Souls, Ghosts, Dieties etc) All videos are in Mandarin. 

Master Chin Kong's talk about his protector Deity - Chen Huang relocation (Move House)


Marying the Ghost (Taiwan) (Part 1)

Meaning of picking up RED PACKET. (You are chosen to marry the Ghost!)Part 2

Ghost Marriage Part 3 (Saw Ghost wife sleeping beside him on the 1st night)

People murder to get partner for their dead kins (Part 4)

The result of Admiring Beautiful Photos of the Dead (Part 5)

Deity's Help

How the Deity of Hell helps to solve a murder (Part 1)

How Deity "Chi Kong" help to clear the Innocent (Part 2)

Deity "Justice Bao Kong" helps to resolve case - Innocent lady being accused of theft in factory by her boss (Part 3)

How Deity help to rescue the innocent from prison (Part 4)

Buddha helps to save a man from the gallow accused by gangster friends of killing a man in a fight.(Part 5)

Lady ghost sort Chi Kong's help to address her death due to Loan Shark.(Part 6)

About Past Life (Part 2)

Past Life (Part 3)

Past Life Part 4 - Celebrity saw her past life in ancient China. Her present friend is the one who caused her death.

Past Life Part 5 (Seen her 6 lives. Seeking her mother)

Past Life Part 6 (Her former mother is now her friend. She died at age 13 in her past life in Japan)

Past Life Part 7 (Her 2 husband- one had relationship with her mother; another had relationship with her daughter!)

Past Life part 8.(Refused to see her future)

Temple / Praying

Possession Part 1(Consequences of not fullfiling vows)

Possessed Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (Medium gave number. Lucky Singer Chen Pei Lin died because she didnt repay )

Possessed Part 5 (Lady with 3 ghosts)

Part 6 Meditation/Chanting - Too good nature can invite problems

God of Heaven replaced part 7

Part 8(Guan Yin gives her mother a son)

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